Accounting websites often leave a lot to be desired when it comes to aesthetics. More importantly they often don’t even work as a client attraction tool.

One of the things I have struggled with is having clients with websites that don’t do them justice and share the value that they provide.

What Should Be On An Accounting Firms Website

So I created a template to fix this problem and make it super easy for all accounting practices to have the right elements on their website.

Step One

You need a client magnet. A client magnet is an eBook, scorecard etc. Basically it’s a free download that your visitors can register for. You need a picture of your client magnet, and it should be visible before anyone has to scroll down*.

*In marketing speak we call this “above the fold”.

Next below the client magnet you should display your credibility. These can be the names of clients you have worked with, or awards you have won etc… use images here to show your credibility.

Step Two

Next we need to have the three main “offers” depending on where your client sits in their customer journey. There are three types of people that will visit your website.

We have created The Traffic Light Method™ to explain the customer journey. Here is how it translates onto your website:

You will have cold traffic. They are at red.
You will have warm traffic. They are at amber.
You will have traffic that is ready to work with you. They are at green.

The Red Offer

These are new visitors who are checking you out. They are sceptical and don’t know anything about you yet. The red offer is your client magnet. It needs to show that you understand their pain, so it needs to be about them and their pains. It can’t be the latest budget update or generic content.

The Amber Offer

These leads are probably a bit warmer, and you are likely to have their details already. They are not sceptical, they are curious. Here you invite them to a webinar, an event or to book a call with you.

The Green Offer

This kind of visitor is the hot prospect. This is someone who has spent time consuming your content and are choosing a new accountant. They are good to go. For these people we want them to buy your services. Here your offer could be for a brochure, or a page outlining your packages.

So on every page on your website you need to have these offers.

You need red for those who are sceptical. Amber for those who are curious. Green for those who are ready to hit the ground running and become a client with you.

There you have it; how to have an Authority website that converts your audience into clients.

That’s the latest tip from me, Amanda, head coach at The Pioneering Practice. 

One more thing – I want to make sure your website is good. So, I’ve put together a quick PDF that outlines all the things you need on your website. If you would like a copy leave a comment below saying “yes please” and we will hook you up with it.

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