Create A Powerful Marketing Engine To Drive Business Growth In Your Accounting Firm

For your accounting practice to give you the time, money and freedom that you want, you need an effective marketing engine that will drive leads, prospects and clients to you. This marketing engine will build relationships and trust and educate your audience about your non- compliance services.

For this to happen you not only need to maximise your referrals and word of mouth, but also understand digital marketing.

Marketing is the engine that drives practice growth.

Positioning your business firmly in the minds of your ideal audience is the cornerstone to your success.

You must have a strong strategy, know the right tactics, and implement these tactics using the right tools.

TwentyTwo specialises in just that. Modern marketing for pioneering practices.

TwentyTwo are often referred to as the UK’s number one educational and marketing training company for the accounting industry.

Our clients include multi-partner firms, sole practitioners, single partner with a team, Xero partners, Quickbook partners and start-ups. All firms have one thing in common: They are run by people with an entrepreneurial mindset who want to provide more value to their clients. They are future focused and value driven, and they know that marketing will help them achieve their goals in the fastest and most cost-effective way.

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As a member of The Pioneering Practice Programme you and your team will master traditional and digital marketing. You will:



Be clear on who your ideal A-Grade clients are and have a strong strategy to attract more of them.


You will go from overwhelmed to excited about marketing online and reaching your desired audience.


You will have valuable and client attractive content on your website and blog


You will position yourself (or someone in your team) as the go-to authority and firmly establish yourself as a micro-celebrity.


You will know and be implementing the step-by-step actions you need to take on a monthly basis that will generate a steady flow of quality leads and enquiries.


You’ll regularly stay in touch with your prospects and clients and have people buy more of your services, and more often.


You’ll run marketing campaigns that will enable you to have predictable revenue and you will take time off without worry.


You’ll be a whiz at social media marketing, blogging, LinkedIn, event marketing, webinars and building relationships online and offline.


You’ll plug the Referrals Maximiser™ into your practice and 4x the number of referrals you get.


You’ll have enquiries from people that you don’t know, but they will already know like and trust you, your firm and your services.

And all this will happen because your audience are engaging with your marketing engine.

70% of all buying decisions are made before someone even speaks to a sales person

*Hubspot 2017

Times have changed and it is only

the pioneering practices that are changing with it


Technology advancements have meant that firms and the people in them are having to think and act differently.

When it comes to client attraction and retention, marketing 1.0 used to be all about referrals and the Yellow Pages. You could rely on relationships with people in your inner circle to provide you with a steady flow of leads. But now this is not enough (and the yellow pages are no more).

Clients and prospects demand more from you. There is no perceived value in compliance and positioning yourself as the cheapest is the fastest route to the bottom. Now you need to be an advisor as well as a commoditised technician. These two changes mean you need Marketing 2.0.

Marketing 2.0 is where you build this marketing engine and in the process de-commoditise your firm in the eyes of your audience, resulting in the attraction and referral of more A-Grade clients.

We will educate and train you to build a marketing engine through our pioneering practice programme.

We will blend psychology, marketing, branding and sales with the latest technology and tactics to build relationships and educate your leads, prospects and clients.

You will go from functional to vital

Overlooked to valued

Invisible to front of mind at all times

You will have more clients, more time and more freedom


The programme covers the 9 key strategies that you need to implement into your firm so that you can Engage with prospects, Connect with leads and Convert them into clients.



How is your firm positioned in the marketplace? What type of firm are you seen as? By ensuring that your firm is positioned correctly you move from being commoditised to becoming a premium provider. The rest of your marketing becomes so much simpler.


Brand is what people say about your firm when you’re not in the room. What are people saying? We will look at building your brand and taking you from bland and boring to being visible and resonating with your prospects, leaving them feeling excited to work with you.


Which platforms are your firm on. Are you being seen in the right places by the right people?  You need to hang out where your prospects hang out and not waste time or money being seen in the wrong places.  This strategy includes social media, email marketing and more. This way you free up time and money, can send out a more targeted message and attract a flood of leads rather than a trickle.



70% of the buying decision is made before someone reaches out to your firm. Education based marketing is the only way to ensure you build relationships and trust. By mastering this marketing strategy, clients no longer question you on price and they buy on value instead.


Next, you need to establish authority. You will use the Authority Marketing System to quickly become the undisputed leader in your field, and create the online platform that makes you the obvious choice for your market.


You’ll discover the automated marketing sequences that consistently bring in a flood of new leads, and convert them into high paying clients. Leverage your teams time, whilst still growing relationships and trust, and provide a remarkable experience for your audience and clients alike.



I want to help you to sell with events. Many of you are still sitting in 1-2 hour meetings with prospects where at the end you may or may not onboard them as a client. Events are the solution to this time and energy suck.

Imagine a platform where you can share your knowledge, build relationships, give advice, answer questions and position yourself as an authority. Furthermore, this platform enables you to onboard new clients, many in one go, and enables you to save time and leverage your efforts.


To maximise your return on investment you will need to run Campaigns. Well executed marketing campaigns raise awareness, create excitement, attract clients and fill events.  They create the rhythm and momentum that your practice needs to generate predictable revenue.


If you create a great experience you will create a great reputation. Every time a person interacts with your firm, be it online, offline, in person or over the phone you will leave an impression. Your job is to excel and exceed expectations and provide a great experience.  Do this and you will be remembered, recommended and referred.

This is the new model that Pioneering Practices are embracing to engage and connect with and convert more prospects, creating predictable and sustainable business growth.

These shifts will allow you to transform your practice.

You will have more clients, more time and more freedom

The Pioneering Practice Programme: What’s Included?

Over the next twelve months, not only will you cover the 9 key strategies mentioned above, you will have access to the vault. A growing resource of templates, videos, audios, and more in your secure and exclusive members area.

The content in the programme has been designed to transform the way that you market your accounting practice. You will have a step-by-step strategy that methodically takes you through the marketing you need to be doing on a weekly/monthly basis.

Every two weeks there are live calls with Amanda. All of these training sessions are recorded and you will be able to access them in the secure members’ area if you can’t make it live.


High-quality training by leading marketing, branding and sales experts. Proven methods that have been implemented by hundreds of companies to enable a business to attract more leads, clients,
and opportunities.


This is a “done with you” programme, you will implement week on week and have the support you need to consistently move you forward and build your marketing engine.


An essential part of your training that helps maintain motivation, commitment and overcome fear and procrastination. The accountability you receive will ensure you take action and build confidence.


Focused and concise webinars, eLearning modules, live training & feedback calls, templates and documents. The marketing implementation programme contains 9 dedicated modules and a vault for additional learning.


Here’s the answers to the most asked questions about the Pioneering Practice Programme. We are happy to answer any others that you might have.

What times/days are the live training calls? Can I speak to Amanda?

The Live Training Calls are run twice a month on a Monday. We alternate the time, so one is at 12 midday GMT and the other is at 4:00pm GMT. [Sydney AUS Monday +9 hours 9:00pm/Tuesday 1:00am, Los Angeles USA 3:00am/8:00am, New York USA 7:00am/11:00am] You can get the schedules and links to sessions inside the Pioneering Practice Programme members area.

Yes, you can ask Amanda questions during the Live Training Call, and you’ll be able to get your answers right away.

If there will be any changes, we’ll let you know ahead of time.

What do I do if I have an unanswered question?

If we’ve missed anything, or there’s something you need to know, just ask. Send a quick email to [email protected] with ‘[PPP] QUESTION’ in the subject line and our team will help you.

Who is the programme for?

The 9 strategies we help you to implement in the programme are suited to all types of firms.  Whether large or small 1 and 2 partner firms through to start-ups, there is value in the Pioneering Practice Programme for you.

Will anything be sent to me?

Everything that you need while in the Pioneering Practice Programme can be accessed from the online members area.

Can I access the programme all at once?

The Engage module is all ready and waiting so you can lay the foundations for your marketing. The Connect and Convert are being released weekly, so you can do each part as it comes, and not feel overwhelmed.

Can my team take part?

We understand that there may be several team members that are responsible for marketing. So yes, you can have an additional team member on the programme with you. After you have signed up just let our team know and we will create login details for them.

How long is the Programme?

You have access to the Programme and all of the resources for 12 months. Because new content is being added to the Programme on a monthly basis, our previous experience has shown us that members stay on average for three years.

Is there new content in the Programme?

We add new modules, tutorials, worksheets and videos every month. This will enable you to deepen you knowledge, help your team and become marketing masters.

What is the investment?

Investment is discussed only once we have both decided that you are a good fit for the programme. Don’t wait – fill out the application and book your discovery call today!

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 Take your firm to the next level. Become a Pioneering Practice.

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