Marketing Implementation Programme

Engage. Connect. Convert.

How Does It Work?

The programme will focus on 3 Essential Elements for business growth through marketing.

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Clearly show up in the marketplace to engage with prospects and attract more enquiries from your ideal clients.



Connect with prospects and build relationships through your marketing and sharing of value, and be seen as an expert and authority in your field.



Create communities and conversations that eliminate the need for lengthy meetings and waste time. Elegantly convert prospects into evangelical clients.

Implementation Begins Here

Let’s make it happen together

You are on the verge of making big things happen for your accounting firm.

You are about to enter a world where you cut through the noise, attract A Grade clients and become more profitable, scalable and if you so wish – saleable

Over the next 6 months, you’ll implement the 9 key elements of your marketing implementation programme.

The Pioneering Practice Programme Unfolded:

These 9 key areas enable you to stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract prospects, build strong relationships and trust with prospects, and convert these prospects into high value clients.



You need to have a compelling answer to the question “what do you do?”. If you can’t position yourself in the commoditised marketplace as valuable, credible and with clarity, it’s game over. It’s time for you to cut through the noise and stand out.



There are 3 brands your firm needs to build to ensure your prospects see you and your firm as a 10/10, and are excited to invest in your services. Get your brand right and watch prospects and influencers knock at your door.



Leaflets, direct mail, content, digital, telesales. You will implement digital and offline marketing using 3 platforms to maximise impact and leverage time. This is not purely about content marketing, but traditional and modern strategies combined.



You will implement The Traffic Light Method™ into your marketing to capture A Grade clients’ attention, and show the value in your services and offerings.



Being good at what you do is no longer enough. During these sessions, you’ll use the Authority Marketing System™ to quickly become the leader in your field and the obvious firm of choice.



A pioneering accountant doesn’t try and implement everything without support. You and your team will know exactly what applications to use so you can leverage your time, bring in a ton of new leads and convert them into well-paying clients.



You’ll know how to create a webinar or seminar topic so hot it sells itself, and implement the event marketing system that fills it fast.



Nothing is worse than the feeling of being unheard and invisible when running events and marketing your firm. You will have a 3-step plan to attract prospects, convert them to clients and delight them when delivering your services.



Lock and load the Experience Maximiser™ in your firm and watch prospects and clients remember, recommend and refer people to your services.

Who Is It For?

This programme is for an accounting practice with a turnover of £150,000 – £3million per annum. If you are a sole practitioner with a team, a partner with responsibility for practice growth and business development, or run a marketing department within a firm, then this programme is for you. If you want more clients, want to increase your profits and not increase the hours you work, then this marketing implementation programme is also for you.

Don’t Miss Out

Look at it this way… you only need to acquire 2 or 3 clients and your programme investment is covered. Whether you choose to implement the Referrals Maximiser or upload the SEEAR email template, you will have processes and systems that you enjoy implementing, ones that will generate clients and opportunities through your marketing.

Click on the button below to sign up to The Pioneering Practice Marketing Implementation Programme.

Start date Monday 5th March, 2018.

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What Is The Pioneering Practice Implementation Progamme?


Online Marketing Education

The Pioneering Practice Programme is an immersive 6-month training programme. It builds the marketing foundations and rhythms that many accounting firms are missing in their practice. It brings structure to your marketing activities, enabling you to save time and have more freedom.


Done With You

This programme is not one-sided. It is “Done With You”. During our live support sessions we will review your work, and the content is structured so you “learn and do” at the same time. You will make progress faster, without overwhelm.


Ready To Go Templates

We know that sometimes you just want to “plug and play” your marketing. The programme will provide you with templates for emails, LinkedIn, event registrations, newsletters and more… you no longer have to guess what to say in your marketing collateral.


Accounting Firms

The programme is designed specifically for partners’ in practice, or business development departments within these accounting firms. You are a great technician; now you want to grow a firm that gives you more time, money and freedom.


Growing Resource

The course framework covers the marketing strategy and tactics you need to grow your business. But there are often questions around marketing tools and new opportunities. We will be adding bonus material to The Vault and the programme will keep supporting you as you become more proficient at marketing.



Most importantly we are there for you. You have access to Amanda and the team for any questions and feedback when implementing the teachings. If you need extra support tap into the Agency team, and the little black book of outstanding suppliers including telesales, SEO and Facebook advertising companies and accounting apps to streamline your practice.

You’ve Got Two Choices To Try And Get Your Firm To Where You Want It To Be



This is what you have probably been doing so far. You’ve been trying to do it all yourself. You’ve watched videos on YouTube, read ALL the books, gone networking, attended free seminars and webinars, trying to find a solution that will actually grow your practice.


You’ll struggle to see the bigger picture or know how to implement each separate piece into one cohesive strategy.


You’ll be at the mercy of any online marketer who tries to sell you their course in LinkedIn, Webinars or SEO – you’ll be lunging desperately at every ‘shiny object’ or ‘magic pill’ that they throw your way.


You’ll have to trial and error your way to profitability, meaning you’ll waste lots of money and time in the process.


Worst of all, you’ll end up running out of money, time or energy trying to make your business come together. It’s very disheartening trying to make it happen all alone.



Instead of trying to make it all up as you go along, use the formula or structure that has worked for someone else. A complete strategy that has been proven to create long lasting business success and momentum. Not just some newfangled marketing concept.


Get support from a veteran marketer, a strong team of skilled professionals and experienced accountants. We understand marketing and the changing landscape of the accounting industry.


Commit 100% to the process and achieve greater results.


Make sure you have a community of like-minded professionals around you. Professionals who understand the time restraints on growing a profitable practice and provide you with the support needed during these changing times.


In other words, allow yourself to be guided through the marketing minefield and fast-track the entire process of building your practice.

Don’t Miss Out

Click on the button below to sign up to The Pioneering Practice Marketing Implementation Programme.

Start date Monday 5th March, 2018.

Not a UK based firm? Use this link instead.

Amanda understands very well what accountants go through when marketing to clients. I had a fantastic afternoon with her today. She gave me lots of positive advice and drafted a mailshot letter for me. For the first time in a while I can see a way forward.

Why not ask Amanda for advice yourself if you’re looking for more clients? Her sensitivity and professionalism are just what we accountants need.

Frances Conn

Figureweave Accounting

eTax ZONE has been working with TwentyTwo Agency for a little over a month and in this time the progress has been phenomenal. We initially worked on the strategy of my accounting practice and really understanding our ideal clients to make marketing efforts more fruitful. Amanda and her team then helped produce the ebook, a video script and clarified our marketing message. Alongside working with Amanda and her team, an online marketing programme was provided so we clearly understood the different steps needed to attract prospects and turn them into clients.

Sadaf Inayat

eTax Zone

Amanda helped me to get focused, pick a niche and market my services only to that specific niche. In just two months we have created a marketing strategy from scratch. The most important thing is that, with all my marketing materials and strategy, now I feel like I have a proper business that stands out from the crowd.

Marcin Lignowski

LA Accounting

Amanda has helped me define my niche and what makes me different from all other bookkeepers.
I now have a content marketing plan for the next 12 months with clear goals for each quarter, month & week which will make the process easier to manage and seem less daunting.

Amanda has a great insight into the accountancy/bookkeeping profession and is able to provide clear & relevant marketing & content advice to help a business grow and stand out from the crowd.

Richard Preece

The Modern Bookkeeper

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