Our Approach

Our Approach

We help accountants to start relationships with strangers and nurture them into evangelical clients by creating beautiful and relevant digital experiences and evidence-based marketing strategies.


Our marketing approach is focused on attracting ideal prospects and converting them into clients through content marketing and nurturing relationships – it is based on providing helpful and valuable information that positions and de-commoditises you in the marketplace.

This marketing is known as inbound marketing and potential clients find you through channels like blogs/articles, search engines, LinkedIn and other social media.

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing does not fight for attention. You will attract qualified leads and prospects by addressing their fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations –  building trust and credibility with your firm.

Since 2006, Inbound marketing has been the most effective marketing for doing business. Here at TwentyTwo we start by helping you craft an inbound strategy, and then we execute it for you through the following steps:

  • Strategy
  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight


You don’t just want any traffic to your website. You want the right kind of prospects and leads who will ultimately pay you handsomely for your service and become happy, evangelical clients.

Persona: We work on your ideal client persona. When you know who your ideal client is you can stop chasing prospects, and instead be seen an authority because you will understand their pains.

Positioning: Through blogging/videos/articles that provide thought leadership you will find your firm attracting clients towards you rather than pushing them to buy from you.

Promoting: Successful inbound strategies are all about remarkable content. Social publishing enables you to share information in the web and engage with ideal buyers.  You will go from invisible to discoverable.


Once you have attracted visitors to your website your priority is to convert them into “leads” by getting their contact details. To do this you need to offer them something highly valuable in return for an email address and their name. So how do we do this?

Educate: We nurture website visitors with education based marketing and provide valuable content. This removes any scepticism, and you start to build trust with them.

Filter: Nothing is worse than wasted time. We set up specific actions to filter out the time wasters (tyre kickers) and highlight the action takers (ideal clients).

Trigger: Which then enables us to turn an analogue conversation into a dialogue. During the educate, filter and trigger phases, we create forms for visitors to complete, calls-to-action to entice them to become leads, landing pages which enables visitors to become a contact and and set up your email marketing platform to optimize future interactions to more effectively attract, convert, close and delight your ideal clients.



By the time you have reached this stage you are on the right track. You have attracted interest, converted them to leads and now we turn these leads into customers.

Certain marketing tools can be used at this stage to close the right leads at the right time.

Nurture: We use auto-responders, broadcasts and newsletter marketing to nurture your leads to take them from prospect to client. Much of what we do during the nurture phase is through marketing automation.

Audition: You install a red velvet rope policy where you “Audition” your leads so that you only take on hero clients not headache clients.

Pitch: As you are auditioning your client you are taking a lead from confusion about the accounting industry to clarity. Most accountants speak their own special language. You are going to ensure you speak a language that your lead understands.


The Inbound way is all about providing remarkable content to your prospects, leads, clients and partners. When a lead becomes a client, we cannot forget about them. An Inbound accounting or bookkeeping firm cannot forget about clients. You will continue to delight your clients to they recommend and refer you with pleasure.

Experience: Rather than speaking/communicating with your clients once/twice a year, you will have a specific email campaign and “keep in touch” process that will make a client feel cared for. This will take them from a “looker” of your business, to a loyal client.

Community: To ensure you consistently stay front of mind you will need to create a community for your clients to feel part of. Whether this is an online forum or live events, your clients will go from feeling alone to supported in this community.

Evangelise: The holy grail for business growth. You will understand your clients’ needs and how to provide excellent customer service. Surveys and real-time feedback will ensure you are providing your clients with what they are looking for. They will go from passive clients to promoting you.

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