This phrase typically refers to the first 100 days of the first term of a President of the United States of America. These first 100 days set the tone of their time in office. Their impact and rating during this time is measured – and you won’t be surprised to hear that John F Kennedy had the highest ratings while Donald Trump has the lowest.

In exactly the same way, the first 100 days you work with a new client will set the tone of how they work with your accounting practice in the future.

The good news is that this on-boarding period doesn’t have to be difficult. It can even be automated through a series of emails.

Imagine how new clients would feel if, when they sign up:

  1. They receive an email saying thank you and welcoming them to the team. (Using the word “team” will make them feel part of something.) The email also outlines the departments in your practice and the key people they might need to speak to depending on their query. (This is particularly useful because it stops partners being contacted unnecessarily and directs the right enquires to the right people.)
  2. A day later they receive another email with a link to a customer-experience team member’s online diary. (Or, if you’re a small firm, to that of a partner or another member of your team.) This allows them to book a 30-minute call to go through what working with you will be like.
  3. During this 30-minute call, your practice tells them about the secure systems they can use to share information with you, plus how often you’ll speak to them and how they can best get in touch. You can also set out the rules of how they need to act – such as sharing their accounts information.
  4. You can also include information about how quickly they should expect to receive replies to emails, or how quickly they can set up a meeting should they need one. This way they’ll understand that it’s acceptable to expect a reply within 24 hours, rather than assume it’s bad customer service if their email isn’t answered within 30 seconds.
  5. As the call ends, your practice should confirm that the information will also be sent via email and will be in their inbox in a few moments.

Can you imagine the impact this will have? How it will leave your new client feeling?

And it doesn’t stop there. You could pre-record a couple of videos on how they can maximise their results using your accounting firm and include these in a client area on your website, or email a link to them on YouTube. You can then drip-feed these videos over a few weeks or even months.

These first 100 days make or break a customer experience. As long as each correspondence provides value, there’s no such thing as being in touch with a new customer too often.

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