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What is it?

Momentum is an 8 week online group coaching course designed specifically to do one thing. Get high value accounting clients without huge advertising spend or lengthy blog writing. It consists of live Q&A calls twice a week and a Facebook community of entrepreneurial accountants for support.

Who is it for?

It is designed specifically for those who want a repeatable system to attract high value accounting clients who value your services. The system enables you to have more conversations with prospects, better leads and get better clients. It works for any accountant/CPA, located anywhere in the world regardless of previous sales or marketing knowledge.

Why does it exist?

We created Momentum because there was nothing that showed accountants/CPAs how to get clients and make sales quickly, even if they were starting from scratch with marketing. We filled this void, and with great detail.

Where does it happen?

It is an online program so can be accessed at any time from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

When does it start?

The next intake of the program is in a few weeks. You can work through it as fast or as slow as you wish, you get lifetime access.


Here’s How it Works

To get clients and make sales you need more than to rely on referrals or writing a blog once a week/month. You need a proven process that gets prospects booked into your diary for sales meetings, and then you need to convert these prospects into clients.

Momentum provides you with this proven process and the environment to ensure it happens. We couple the proven process with expert mentorship, an immersive environment and a powerful mindset to get you to succeed.


How to start and grow your accounting/CPA practice


Get the right mindset


Discover a Hunting Niche™


Identify a market problem and create a powerful solution


Market and & sell high value services


Generate cash flow fast


Get more conversations booked into the diary


Have more freedom

In just 8 weeks we will help you grow your accounting business through implementation of a sales and marketing machine.

We work through The Scalable Six™ which is our proven methodology with proprietary material that gets you to move the needle – FAST.

1. Market

In this training we are going to show you how to pick your Hunting Niche™. I am going to explain what a hunting niche is, and the process we use to find one. Then you will start taking action, complete some exercises and have the confidence to go hunting.

2. Message

In this training we are going to discuss your marketing message and how you communicate your point of difference to your chosen niche. You will learn how to craft a message that resonates, is relevant and how to continually refine your message to cut through all the white noise that you find online.

3. Media

In this training we will be focusing on simplifying your marketing and sales model to maximise your time and your results. We will identify where you need to hang out on-line and “fish where the fish are”. Get the media platform right and you will be able to focus and eliminate your current overwhelm. Most importantly you will get results.

4. Magnetize

Once you have clarity on your client, message and media platform you must focus on magnetizing your ideal client towards you. During this training we will focus on organic client attraction methods, how they work, and with clear instructions and templates to start filling your diary with high value prospects. We create a marketing funnel that will fill your diary with sales calls.

5. Multiply

In this training we discuss the art and science of sales conversations and how our proven two step method turns a complete stranger into a paying client. We will share the mistakes most accountants and CPAs make, how to sell like a sales master even if you have never sold before in your life and introduce you to our sales script. We cover sales from A-Z.

6. Mindset

In this training we focus on helping you through the mindset blockages that most, if not all, accountants and CPAs have when it comes to starting and growing their firm. We discuss how most approach the growth of the firm completely the wrong way, and how to completely rewire your thinking to the point where the program will change your life.

How To Get Results

We use The STAR Method™ with all our training courses. We give you the Strategies, Tools, Accountability and the focus is on Return On Investment marketing. Follow the process, do the work, get the results.

The Training:

Each week we’ll focus on learning and implementing something new, designed to get you the biggest wins in the shortest amount of time. There’ll be pre-recorded trainings released each week that will lay the foundation for the program.

The Coaching:

Each week you’ll have LIVE 60 minute calls available to you, where you can jump on and ask questions, get advice and brainstorm the specifics for getting things moving and progressing for you. You’ll have access to me and have my team’s expertise and help to get you unstuck and moving forward.

The Support:

We will have a private Facebook group just for Momentum members. This is where we share wins, lessons and you can reach out for additional support. Here you will have the benefit of not just us, but the rest of the group… you get to glean from the collective insights, wisdom and experience that others have from starting and growing their accounting/CPA firms.

It’s all completely self paced, so once you join you’ll have lifetime access to the program material and growing community.

Now, I’m sure you have some questions, let me answer a few you might have below…

How much time will it take to learn and implement each week?

You can get started and begin to see results between 2 – 5 hours a week. Each week is designed to have some training (about 1-2 hours per week) and then action taking time. If you have more time, that is great. But 2 – 5 hours is enough to move the needle.

If you don’t have even 5 hours a week, this program isn’t going to be a good fit for you.

What if I don’t have the “right personality” to do video, be on the phone and sell?

There will no doubt be moments of you stepping out of your comfort zone, but I don’t believe in right or wrong personalities. The ability to deal with clients and get on the phone is not about the right personality. It’s about following a proven process (Hint: we provide this too!)

How long is the program?

The Momentum program is 8 weeks in duration. However, if you need to miss a couple of videos due to life/family/things happening, it’s ok. You have lifetime access to the program and it’s material.

What’s the investment?

The investment for Momentum (at the moment) is £3000 + taxes if applicable. You can either choose one payment of £3000 or 3 payments of £1200.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, in fact there are two.

  1. The Hold Your Hand guarantee. 1 New Client in 30 Days. If you don’t get at least 1 new client in 30 days after implementing the program, we will get on the phone with you and give you a customized plan to get you on track and a flow of clients.
  2. The “Double Your Money Back” guarantee. 5x ROI within 365 days. If you complete and implement all the training and don’t get at least 5x ROI on your investment within 365 days, I will give you double your money back.


(For more testimonials please go to our success stories page)
These testimonials below are all from clients that started working with me at the end of July 2019

I joined Momentum because I know how important it is to work with a professional that knows more about a subject than I do. Amanda provided guidance, and her program provided a very clear step-by-step action plan that was easy to follow and understand.

Working with Amanda has changed our lives, and our clients lives, for the better. By helping us walk in our clients’ shoes she helped us create the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with prospective clients that have led to increased sales simply because they know that we care about them.

Brett Neal CPA
@ High Velocity Accounting

A potential client approached me through an online directory. When this had happened before I joined Amanda C. Watts’s Momentum program, these calls never turned out well. But this time I was more confident, and didn’t take the ‘softly softly’ approach I had before. This new lead chose me (out of the 6 accountants he spoke to) because Amanda’s program showed me how to have a conversation that uncovered his true goals and motivations, to discover what he was really looking for, and to create a plan to help him achieve them. Win Win!
Thanks Amanda

Emily Inman @ Zynct

Amanda encouraged me to use LinkedIn to connect with businesses in my niche, and following her processes in her programme we setup Skype calls to go through their individual needs. In one week 3 of these calls became clients. These 3 clients are worth 10 times what I invested in the Amanda’s program.

Helgaard Raubenheimer
@ The Tax Shop South Africa

“There are two things I really like about working with Amanda on the Momentum programme:

She shows us how to do something, she doesn’t just tell us what to do and then expect us to go and do it. If we get stuck or confused, she explains things and shows us practically;

The regular Q&A calls mean that we get regular, practical help and encouragement as well as learning from each other within the group. The regular meetings also hold us to account, which means if we haven’t made progress it is almost certainly due to our lack of action. Equally we are free to go at our own pace.

It’s early days, but I can see how this will work and already I am beginning to see some positive results.”

Dionne Sherwood @ DSSBH

I joined Amanda C. Watts’s ‘Momentum’ programme because despite having spent a lot of time and money on content marketing, we weren’t generating hardly any leads.

Momentum is a structured well thought out program with an online portal and support tools to help you generate leads in your chosen niche. Amanda has also been great in the 2 weekly Question and Answer sessions in supporting all of those on the programme to succeed and overcome our fears and get out of our comfort zone.

In short if you want to increase your sales leads then I have not seen anything else remotely as good as this and I have been practicing in the accounting profession for over 30 years.

Rennie Evans @ Prospero

OK, so how do I claim my space on the program?

If you are ready to join the Momentum, simply click on the link below and complete the form. You will receive an email with the next steps…

Can’t wait to work with you!

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