Something came up with a client yesterday. We were talking about events, and they had put together a plan to have a monthly event, and hoping to attract 300 people at a time.

He’s been watching a couple of other accounting firms who are having huge success with events. People like The WOW Company who attract 200-300 people to their events in London.

Whilst this seems like a really good idea on the surface, did The WOW Company start off with 300 hundred people in a room in the centre of London?

The simple answer is no. I have known The Wow Company for over 6 years and the events they were running in 2012 were very different to the ones they run now. They were local to their offices in Andover, they attracted 30-50 people at a time, and they were not the London glossy events you can see advertised on their YouTube channel.

The firms who are running 300 person events did not start with these numbers. They started small, locally to their offices, and built a community, their reputation and the value they provided.

In fact, the quickest way to succeed at events is not to think about numbers, but to think about value. If you have 10 people in a room and you provide great value you will get a great reputation. A great reputation will attract more people to your events next time. Your next event will then have 15-30 people. And it will increase with each event you hold.

Reputation, community and value is how you get 300 people in a room for your events.

When you decide to start your event marketing programme, by all means feel inspired by those who have smashed it, but remember you have to start small and become great.

Do what the guys did to get them to the top, not what they are doing now.

We teach this in our Pioneering Practice Programme. We focus on getting firms to rock events and build a community.

Don’t just be the local functional accountant. Be vital and valued.

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