My expertise lies in helping you gain clarity on the strengths, weakness and opportunities in your accounting practice. We then craft a marketing, branding and sales strategy to build on your opportunities. The number one aim of our work together is to get you more, and better, clients.

We start with the quick wins, and end when you have a repeatable system that you can implement without me.

All too often I hear managing partners complain that 80% of their clients give them only 20% of their revenue. And those clients drain the life out of them and leave them exhausted and frustrated.

My job is to help you get better clients so you can say goodbye to the ones that are a weight around your neck.

I am a marketing and sales coach, consultant and speaker. I specialise in client attraction for accounting practices.

Amanda C. Watts | Marketing Consultant For Accounting Firms

Managing Partners Engage My Expertise When They:

  • No longer want to be seen as commoditised and want a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Are frustrated that their current lead generation is not enough for the business growth they want
  • They are overwhelmed by the marketing options available and want a proven strategy they can implement
  • They are searching for a marketing expert that understand the accounting profession and one that actually cares about getting their clients great results
  • Are stuck with clients that drain their energy (Vampire Clients)
  • Are fed up that their current marketing activities are not getting them the clients they really want
  • They want more money, time and freedom in their lives to spend with family and doing things they love

I provide sales and marketing consulting to accountants in practice and their teams. I am typically hired by accounting practices with a turnover of over £300,000 but occasionally work with individuals or smaller firms who see the benefits of mastering marketing to grow their practice.

Clients experience tremendous success and rave about my work because my work is very different from what you normally find.

1. I use a simple approach and client attraction framework and speak in blunt, plain language.

2. You don’t call me for pricing strategies or to run your social media marketing for you because I won’t do it. You only want me if you are serious about predictable lead generation.

3. I roll up my sleeves and get involved in your business.

4. I do not teach and expect you to implement without feedback. Do not be surprised to find me re-writing your website copy, telling you to up your game on social media, or calling you out for not doing enough marketing.

5. You don’t want a ski coach who sits in the lodge sipping brandy and talking ski-training. You want someone who says “follow me down the hill”. I have grown two companies from scratch and model every marketing and sales concept I coach.

6. I am a consultant by choice after walking away from a lucrative career in corporate. Helping companies get clients and fall in love with marketing is my passion, and I believe I can effectively grow more companies from the outside than as an employee.

7. You will get the truth about your people, your marketing and your sales model. Once I discover that a firm is never going to succeed with marketing and sales I want allow them to pay me to coach them.

8. I will also look at every managing partner in the firm and tell them what they are not doing will hamper their dreams and aspirations. Often consulting morphs into coaching when issues emerge that must be addressed.

It is personal.  When you engage me I behave like my livelihood depends on your success.

How do I work?

My fees are anything from £750 to £50,000 depending on the size of your firm, the time I spend with you and your team, and what our plans are together.

A deposit is paid prior to our work together and is non-refundable.

I have been referred to as the number one marketing consultant for accountants in the UK, working with me you will understand why. I bring enormous value to my clients lives, and their businesses.

The initial consultation is free. During this meeting (which can take up to 2 hours) I asses your situation and explain how I work. People tell me about the profound ideas they get from this initial meeting. Please note that by agreeing to meet me, (and if we find we are a good fit) you are agreeing to have a conversation about us working together.

My clients and I work as a team, and their lives are often changed beyond recognition. The opportunity will cost you more than money, you will also need to invest your energy, some of your team’s time, and trust the process.


Q. Where do you work?

The M25 orbital and within is my stomping ground. That being said I will travel the globe if expenses are paid and my diary is able to accommodate.

Q. Will you work via Skype?

If you are not local to me then our initial consultation may be via Skype or Zoom. If we then decide we are a good fit, in some circumstances I will consult online. Whilst this is possible, I do recommend face to face as I can roll my sleeves up and get involved with the team.

Q. How do we work together?

I work differently with every client simply because every accounting practice and their problems and pains are different. I do have a proven framework but how we fill this framework is bespoke, and unique to you and your values/why/dreams/goals.

Q. Why should I hire you?

I am strong, powerful and know my stuff. There is no fluff in my approach, and I like to get things done. Everything I do is about helping you build relationships with prospects and leads and having them become your best clients. If you want better clients, and you want someone to show you how to get them, then hire me now.

Q. Who have you worked with before/why you?

I have personally consulted and coached over 500 companies/people since 2009. (Not including training via webinars, speaking and workshops). I am a mentor for Virgin Start-Up and a mentor for Dent Global and their threshold Programme. I have personally invested over £100,000 learning and honing my craft and pass these learnings on to you.

I have two businesses, one is fully automated and the other is my passion. My clients have ranged from high street shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, through to coaches, consultants and photographers. I now solely work with accounting practices to help them attract A Grade Clients. Please visit my LinkedIn for over 40 testimonials of people I have worked with.

I am a keynote speaker and have recently spoken at Accountex of the North, QuickBooks Connect, Accountex and I am the creator of the British Accounting Marketing Awards.

Q. How many clients do you have at any one time?

I will not work with more than one accounting practice in your area at any time. If you hire me, know that you will be hiring me to dominate either your geographical area, or your chosen niche/specialism. I work with a maximum of 10 clients at any time, sometimes far less if I am working weekly with a firm.

Q. I rely on referrals, why do I need marketing?

Ok, whilst referrals have got you this far, they will not generate you predictable revenue. If you have high hopes and dreams then you need to create marketing and a client attraction strategy for your accounting practice. If you keep on doing what you have always done, you will keep on getting what you have always got.

Q. How quickly can you get me clients?

Ahh the million dollar question. It all depends on what you are currently doing in your practice. I have a few ways to get some quick wins and get some money in the bank, but then we set to work to creating something sustainable that will enable you to attract a steady flow of leads.

Q. What kind of things do you teach/implement?

There are 9 key strategies that you need to plug into your practice. We will cover one, or all of them depending on your situation. These strategies will include tactics like inbound marketing, outbound marketing and networking if they are needed. We cover the predictable marketing like social media, and the under utilised event marketing.

Q. Should I hire you as a consultant or should we take your online programme?

I cannot answer this question until we have spoken. Different needs and budgets require different approaches.

Q. I’m excited at the thought of working with you… What is the first step?

The first step is to pick up the phone and call 01883 371 369 or email info@twentytwo.agency and request a consultation. Only do this though if you are serious about getting help and support. Just like you do not like to be in lengthy meetings with people who are not serious about paying for your expertise neither do I. Please respect my time, and I will bring my A Game and make a difference to your accounting practice.

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