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Can Accounting Firms Have A Signature System?

Signature system, methodology, product, process… these are all words which describe how you can take your clients from pain to solution.

A Signature System is often used in the coaching world and enables us to show how we are different and how we help people using a bespoke methodology.

Any business that provides a service should be using a signature system to help them describe the value that they provide, and an accounting firm is no exception.

You can have a signature system that describes a process or one that describes the specific tactics that you use within your firm. My clients use their signature system to attract higher paying clients and de-commoditise their services.

When you create a signature system you no longer struggle, and your marketing becomes easier. It’s amazing how a 3, 5 or 7 step methodology can transform a business.

How Your Accounting Firm Can Be More Visible In Your Local Geographical Area

I was walking back from a meeting with a client and had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. When I first started running my business it was hard to get clients. Then a lovely gentleman by the name of Bill Browne gave me a break and my business changed dramatically. I am still very grateful to this day for the support from Bill, and pass on my learnings to you.

How To Get More Referrals In Your Accounting Firm

How many times do you say that your accounting firm doesn’t need marketing because you’ve built your practice on referrals and word of mouth?

But you know what – most accounting firms don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to referrals. There is no consistent referral marketing strategy in place.

Here is one of many referral strategies I teach:When you take on a new client, before you even agree to work with them say to them “If you feel we have delivered and given you the service you expect and the results you wanted, you have to agree to give us 3 referrals – the referrals have to be just like you, same mindset and attitude. Agree?

And if they agree they can become clients. A few months later you remind them of the conversation and ask for the three referrals.

This is one simple way to increase your turnover exponentially and it can happen in a few months.

If you would like to explore new ways you can generate clients then join me at the Client Attraction Intensive – if you’re not an accountant, feel free to refer me your accountant and I’ll send them details if we are a good fit. You can see our event details here.

GC + GK + GC = increased revenue

If you are struggling to get high-value clients and stand out for the crowd then there are 3 things you need to do:

  1. GC = GET CLEAR – get clear on your audience, what differentiates you in the marketplace and get clear on your offering
  2. GK – GET KNOWN – make sure that you are well known by being omnipresent online and offline and are being seen by your ideal clients
  3. GC = GET CLIENTS – make sure you are building strong relationships with your ideal audience and staying front of mind throughout the customer journey so you convert more prospects into leads.

If you are unclear, unknown and not front-of-mind at all times your turnover will be far less then it could be.

What do you need help with most? Clarity, Visibility or Client Conversions?

Same Destination, Different Approaches

A client in my Pioneering Practice Programme who – in the Facebook group – daily asks questions, runs ideas past me & the team, & shares his wins.

I have other clients who do not use the Facebook group on a daily basis and are nervous to share in front of other accounting firms.

The active client – who is smashing the modules, group coaching calls & implementing like a boss is attracting opportunities and growing his firm. This week alone he has created a whitepaper of over 3000 words, worked on improving his message matrix and credibility, bought his personal brand website domain, updated his current website for credibility and… he’s on holiday.

Others are not benefitting from the daily support available and, although they are growing their firm, it’s without speed.

They are both heading for the same destination – it is purely mind-set and attitude that separates the two. One is in the fast lane, whilst the other is in the slow lane.

Which is why this is my MTOTD. To succeed in life you need to leave behind fear, show up and take massive action. You have to work fast, implement fast and not be scared of competition. If people copy you just implement and innovate faster.

Are You An Expert?

A few years ago I went to a Tony Robbins event. Whilst I am not his biggest fan I wondered what I could learn from him.

My biggest takeaway after spending 3 days with the man was that even if you think you know everything, pay attention. Because you don’t know everything. That’s a fact.

Let me give you an example… a few years ago I would go to marketing events and I would believe I already knew that everything they said. I wouldn’t take notes, I’d sit there and say ‘knew that already’ and often thought it was a waste of time.

But then I realised I was being ridiculous. Just because I knew something didn’t mean I knew everything. And I changed the way I went to events.

I sat at the front, I wrote down everything the speaker said. I went away and revisited my notes, wrote down the nuggets and took action. In fact I learnt so much more and it was because I got off my high horse.

So even if we (mistakenly) feel we don’t need to know any more, please believe me when I say you do need to know more. You can be an expert, but even experts don’t know everything. AND an true expert knows this, and keeps on learning.

Are You An Expert | TwentyTwo Agency | Amanda C. Watts | Marketing For CPAs

Your Invite Is In The Mail

I’m just back from the post office, and had to jump on a quick video to share why a trip to the post office will be good for you and your firm…

3 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Accounting Firm

Today I’m going to share with you the three ways that my clients generate leads for their accounting practice.

The first way is through organic traffic. This is where you might write a few blogs, you post on social media, and you make sure that you are visible online so that you attract attention.

Organic traffic is great. You get a huge return on investment, eventually. It can take a while.

For the other two ways watch the video below .

Do You Live In A Bubble?

When we live inside a bubble we tend to be concerned about our own pleasure and comfort. Being in the bubble stops us from feeling uncomfortable. It’s why many resist exercise and opt for the Chinese takeaway on a Friday night instead.

But living inside the bubble keeps us from being who we could be. We procrastinate, stick with the status quo and keep ourselves from feeling unsure.

If living in our bubble limits our experiences, what would stepping outside the bubble achieve?

By stepping outside the bubble we can learn new things and help more people.

By stepping outside the bubble we can tap into a greater purpose when we feel we might be losing momentum.

By stepping outside the bubble we can be proud of what we do and achieve because we have stretched ourselves.

When you find yourself eating doughnuts, watching mindless TV or are procrastinating you are stuck in the bubble.

It is your choice as to whether you are going to stretch yourself and step outside the bubble. But if you choose to try new things, opportunities arise and life is more fulfilling.

Do You Sell Them What They Want?

My mums cousin’s husband (yes a distant relative) is an architect. At the lunch table the other day we were discussing how he often refuses to design the big ugly buildings that may maximize his revenue, but doesn’t sit with his architectural values. He knows that raising the standard is his job, not just raising his bank balance.

As a marketer I am the same. I won’t produce a marketing campaign with spammy sales messages filled with tricks and NLP, because I know that relationships and truth are the key to integrity and business success.

There are plenty of people who will pander to their clients wants and give them what they ask for… but ultimately it does not do their industry nor their reputation any good.

It is therefore your responsibility to push back and not sell them what they want (for example agree to fiddle the books for your clients, turn the other cheek or make a promise you cannot keep).

It is your responsibility to stick to your values and attract the right people into your world.

The first step in achieving this… know what you stand for. It’s where you should always start.

Focus On Sowing Seeds, Not The Birds

One of my favourite tales that Jim Rohn tells is the Parable of the Sower. Now I’m definitely not doing the original justice but, in essence, it tells the story of a farmer and how, for each new season, he would go about planting seeds.

But the first handful of seeds he planted were always immediately snatched by birds. At first he would run after these birds, leaving his fields behind and trying to get their attention.

But unlike the farmer, your goal is not to chase them – “if you’re off chasing the birds, you’ve left the field”.

Chasing these birds will take you off your game, which likely makes them happy, but makes you miserable. This parable is an analogy for the naysayers in your life.

Which means your goal is to keep on sowing, “you’ll eventually sow more than the birds can get”. And you will succeed, in spite of those pesky birds.

Fastest Race To The Bottom

Is this you?

You have 400 clients, and they pay your firm on average £600 – £1200 a year.

If your clients paid you significantly more your firm could:

  • Give more of your time to each client
  • Provide them with a far better level of service
  • Get better results and be seen as more valued
  • Be referred more because of the results generated
  • Feel more fulfilled
  • Have more freedom

And before long you will have high-value clients recommending, referring and doing a lot of your marketing for your firm.

There is another added benefit to charging more for your services – you position yourself in a part of the market that is less competitive. The mass market is highly competitive, the middle market is competitive and the elite market is less than 5% of the market.

So what is the plan? Mass/middle market, or is it time to up your prices, and provide more value?

Stop Wasting Time Networking

A problem arises when you go to a local networking event.People at networking events tend to go because they want to sell to you, not buy from you. As an accountant, you are seen as someone who has a large network that others want access to. You are the prize in the room and the biggest influencer.

What does this mean? You need to find bigger influencers that you can network with. There is no point in networking with 20 people who are unable to get you in front of your ideal client.

The solution is simple. List 20 influencers in your niche market. Connect with them online, and hang out where they hang out. Speak with them, share their content, make yourself visible and build a relationship with them.

Influencers will have thousands of your ideal client in their network.

And another plus is you no longer have to eat copious amounts of fried breakfasts, or get up at 5am to travel to morning networking.

So stop wasting time at local networking events, and build relationships with industry influencers instead.

What opportunities do you think this will bring for your accounting firm? Who can you approach today who is an influencer in your niche market?

Opportunity Work vs. Reliable Work

Reliable work is the accountant who bills a 12-hour day for compliance services.

Opportunity work is the accountant who studies their clients business, unearths an anomaly, see an opportunity and saves their client’s business from liquidation – in less than 10minutes.

Reliable work is found throughout history. From the agricultural age through to the industrial age reliable work has been there. For years you would do well when you performed reliable work. It was also somewhat comforting to have reliable work.

Opportunity work is the opposite. We try and find easier options because with opportunity comes some kind of risk. You can’t fail with reliable work, but you can with opportunity work.

It is worth noting that reliable work can set the stage for opportunity work. If you can be reliable and become a master at something and practice it enough, you put yourself in the position to attract opportunity work.

It seems that no matter who you are or how reliable you are, opportunity only arises when you decide to look look for one.

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