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We are an award winning agency founded by branding, marketing and design specialists.  We specialise in marketing for accountants, helping firms craft a dynamic, modern, test-and-learn approach to content and digital marketing.

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Why Marketing Has A Bad Rap

You are posting on social media, writing 4 blogs a month and still you don't get clients.... Developing a marketing strategy is essential in your accounting firm. Without it you may simply rely on referrals, or post updates on social media without purpose...

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Amanda has helped me define my niche and what makes me different from all other bookkeepers.  I now have a content marketing plan for the next 12 months with clear goals for each quarter, month & week which will make the process easier to manage and seem less daunting.

Amanda has a great insight into the accountancy/bookkeeping profession and is able to provide clear & relevant marketing & content advice to help a business grow and stand out from the crowd.

Richard Preece MIAB
The Modern Bookkeeper

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Sometimes you think you know everything about marketing, but when you meet Amanda, you realise that she does too….and more.

Her approach is thorough and considerate, fully understanding where are you and also what you can achieve. At no time are you felt under pressure to deliver what you may not be able to.

Her professional team are there to support you and make gains.

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eTax ZONE has been working with TwentyTwo Agency for a little over a month and in this time the progress has been phenomenal. We initially worked on the strategy of my accounting practice and really understanding our ideal clients to make marketing efforts more fruitful. Amanda and her team then helped produce the ebook, a video script and clarified our marketing message. Alongside working with Amanda and her team, an online marketing programme was provided so we clearly understood the different steps needed to attract prospects and turn them into clients.

TwentyTwo Agency are great communicators, supportive and cared for me and my accounting firm. I would not hesitate in recommending them to any business that would like a clear marketing strategy and support in executing it.”

Client Testimonials | Crocus BookKeeping Logo | TwentyTwo Agency

Amanda and I connected through social media after I read some content that really resonated with me and was hugely valuable. Amanda kindly commented on a few posts which was really helpful and exactly what I needed. Because of that, when I wanted help with marketing I reached out.

She gave me some options and I booked a strategy day. Amanda broke down my whole current business and pointed out the gap in my product offering and within a few hours we have a new product that is going to feed my current business with qualified leads, raise my profile and increase my income.  Amanda’s ability to break it down and make it a process is the best I have ever seen in 10 years of running my business. What’s even better is the new product is aligned with my passion of helping entrepreneurs achieve their dream home and lifestyle.


Client Testimonials | Crocus BookKeeping Logo | TwentyTwo Agency

Thank you, Amanda, for an amazing morning of strategy planning! You have an enviable ability to collect disparate facts and mould a path which is both logical and interesting to follow. I won’t say that everything suggested today is high on my list of ‘things I would do for fun’ just yet but as sensible, actionable and measurable business steps to fast track my goals it’s absolute rocket fuel! I now have loads of things to think about and process and a 30 day challenge which I accept and will step into. Your energy and creative drive are staggering, thank you for showing me how to bring my vison to life.

Amanda helped me to get focused, pick a niche and market my services only to that specific niche. In just two months we have created a marketing strategy from scratch. The most important thing is that, with all my marketing materials and strategy, now I feel like I have a business that stands out from the crowd.

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100 Ways To Market Your Accounting Firm


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